These are the letters introducing Valetta Bradford and Xzavier Davis-Bilbo to important people.

Linda Cannon is like our Cannon woman statue on Congress, fire one.

The Cannon Woman statue on Congress Avenue in Austin Texas is simile for the Linda Letters, fire one.

To potential sponsors, business owners, Facebook friends, Mayors and Presidents, and everyone else behind the wheel, these are the letters I wrote introducing Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford and her son Xzavier Davis-Bilbo, and her daughter Aurie Parris, the people behind the X-Man Foundation.

Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford, Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and his dad at a benefit game.

Xzavier is a survivor and on October 11th of this year of 2014, Mayor Tom Barrett is proclaiming that day as ‘Xzavier Day’.

Every year on or near this day, the anniversary of when Xzavier received his injuries from a distracted driver who was texting when she struck him inside the confounds of a crosswalk near their home, Valetta hosts an afternoon event near that crosswalk named ‘Walk for Awareness’.  She founded ‘the X-Man Foundation’ so that she might educate drivers away from distracted driving with an emphasis on texting by holding her son up so that they might see that there can be serious consequences of using a cell phone while behind the wheel.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo survived a distracted driver and nine surgeries

Mother Valetta sat through seven major surgeries and Xzavier was delivered back to her paralyzed and on a respirator.  Valetta quit her managerial position in Corporate America and became Xzavier’s primary caretaker.  Xzavier’s respirator must be monitored 24/7 and Valetta has a Super Nurse come in and watch Xzavier on the weeknights and Valetta herself stays up on the weekend nights and monitors the equipment.

Valetta would not have her son institutionalized and that’s just one of the struggles she has had to contend with.  For an itemized list of all of Valetta’s journey follow this link;

Valetta turned herself into a spokeswoman and her local Milwaukee stations have covered her campaign, ‘Don’t text for X’ and the ‘Saga of the Missing Service Dog Shi-Shi’.  We all watched on Facebook how the local Milwaukee news stations rallied around Valetta and they got Xzavier’s dog returned.  Xzavier is already kind of a legend in Milwaukee and now the Mayor of Milwaukee will join the ‘Walk for Awareness’ on October 11, 2014.

Local Milwaukee news stations rallied around Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford to get Xzavier's service dog returned.

This will happen at the corner of North and 10th Streets, in Milwaukee, WI.

We are asking for your donations to this very worthy cause of educating drivers to the dangers of texting while driving.  We are in the grassroots stages of this organization and we only have a handful of people working on this cause.  We would love to have more volunteers to share articles and promotions.  We would love to have groups skype in for this event and the more the merrier.

We believe the Story of X is the most powerful tool we have now in combating distracted driving, with an emphasis on texting.

This event will happen on a cool Saturday afternoon in October and if you have a bowling team, a motorcycle club, a company, a karaoke group, a church group, a family, any following at all will do, we invite you to skype in and help us celebrate ‘Xzavier Day’.

We would love some of these sponsors to contribute food and drinks for the event.  Come on Milwaukee, you are all invited to bring  your wares and samples to the park for ‘Xzavier Day’.

God bless,

Linda Cannon

Author of the Linda letters

that Lady down in Texas poses with the Cannon Lady statue

  You can donate to the X-Man Foundation by emailing Valetta directly at

Ask Valetta to send you a Paypal link.

The X-Man Foundation is a federally recognized non-profit.  We have no administrative fees as we are staffed 100% by family members and volunteers.